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Current Research visitor


Visiting scientist at the Indian IISc (2023-2024).

I am a Professor at the Applied Ecology and Biotechnology Institute (INBIOTECA) of the Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico. I am interested in the reproduction of insect pests and vectors, the male ejaculate and female postcopulatory behaviour. My research also focuses on environmentally friendly means of pest control. At CES I am developing a protocol for the correct determination of female mating status in certain Asian fruit flies that are agricultural pests.

Lab Website, Google Scholar

Current Postdocs


Indian Institute of Science (2023-) 

I am interested in scarab beetle taxonomy and forest insect interactions, specifically, how forest structure shapes insect communities. For my PhD, I worked on scarab beetles around Bor Wildlife Sanctuary in Central India. I studied scarab beetle diversity, adult and larval taxonomy, seasonal distribution, variation in structure of male genitalia, developmental stages and biology of selected scarabs. I am also interested in understanding the impact of forest land diversion for non-forestry purposes on forest cover. Under NPDF I am working on Sacred Groves with dung beetles as an indicator group. Apart from this, I pursue music, Hindustani classical vocal and I am a big fan of films from all over the globe.


Indian Institute of Science (2023-)

 I have always been fascinated by insects and their interesting behaviours. I completed my PhD from the Central University of Kerala on the topic ‘host manipulation behaviour of parasitic wasps (parasitoids).’ After completing my PhD, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow in Long Term Ecological Observatories (LTEO) project on Arthropods at the Zoological Survey of India. There we studied the effect of climate change on Arthropods in the eco-sensitive Zones of India.

Currently, as a National Postdoctoral Fellow at CES, IISc, I am working on the effect of competition on dietary specialisation in parasitoids. Besides research, I love comics, food and spending time with family and friends

Past postdocs & research visitors

Postdoc (2013- 2017)

Spatial population genetics of parasitoid wasps, University of Helsinki.

Google Scholar page.

Postdoc (2014- 2017)

Multitrophic interactions through volatile organic chemicals.   University of Helsinki 
Co-hosted with J. K. Holopainen Google Scholar page.

Postdoc (2012- 14)

Multitrophic interactions between a plant, a phytopathogen, an herbivore and a parasitoid Co-supervised with A-L Laine and Marjo Saastamoinen, University of Helsinki.

Google Scholar page.

Postdoc (2012)

Emissions of herbivore-induced volatile organic compounds in Plantago lanceolata and Veronica spicata. University of Helsinki. Co-supervised with J. K. Holopainen.

Currently she is a senior researcher in the Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology, Kuopio, FI

Research visitor (2010) from Osaka University, Japan, Professor in the Graduate School of Agriculture Department of Environmental Sciences and Technology.
In our lab he worked on intraspecific competition between pupal parasitoids, University of Helsinki

Postdoc (2012)

Postdoctoral visitor to Metapopulation Research Group (2008)

Density dependent foraging behavior of a hyperparasitoid wasp. University of Helsinki. Now a professor at Depto. de Ecologia e Biologia Evolutiva – UFSCar – São Carlos, SP

Postdoc (2004)

Olfactory attraction of parasitoids to their host and host-food plant complex, University of Helsinki.

Now professor and head of the Laboratorio de Entomología Experimental – Grupo de Investigación en Ecofisiología de Parasitoides y otros Insectos (GIEP), Argentina

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