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Lab Photos


Grazed and ungrazed solar plot

This is one of the sites in our study of the effects of grazing in arid grasslands, on the IISc Challekere campus. Inside the fenced area visible in the photo has remained ungrazed at least 10 years. Outside the fence is grazed by goats, sheep, deer and blackbuck.
- Photo by S. van Nouhuys


This is one of the sacred groves that is part of Suvarna Khadakkar’s study of the effect of habitat degradation on dung beetle diversity and functional traits.
- Photo by S. Khadakkar

Nursery potted citrus and curry

These are our lemon and curry leaf seedlings growing at the nursery on the IISc campus in Bangalore. We are using them for manipulative experiments as part of the study of the Lepidoptera and parasitoid communities associated with Rutaceae.
- Photo by S. van Nouhuys


Lab zoo lunch

Lunch after our trip to the butterfly dome at the Zoo in Bannerghatta in Bangalore, March 2023
- Photo by Pranoy MS

Lab museum trip

Lab visit to the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) in Bangalore, May 2023
- Photo by Prabitha Mohan

Tapasya face painting_5434

Tapasya face painting

Tapasya doing face painting at the IISc Open Day, Feb. 2024
- photo by S. van Nouhuys

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