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Masters students

Current masters students

Narashiman N.

Indian Institute of Sciences (Aug. 2023-)

I did my B.Sc. in Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology from Presidency College, Chennai. I am interested in wide variety of fields such as pollination and floral ecology, plant-plant interactions and Taxonomy of all divisions of plant and fungi . Apart from the subject I am interested in pencil sketching and carnatic music.

Rajnish Shree Raj

IISER Tirupati (June 2024-)

Inter and intraspecific competition among parasitoids

Past maters students

University of Helsinki, MSc (2014-2017)

Mating structure of the parasitoid Cotesia melitaearum. Currently a PhD student at the University of Helsinki


MSc intern from Lyon, France (2017)

Helsinki, Sex determination in the parasitoid Cotesia glomerata, and the costs of parasitism for developing caterpillars

University of Helsinki, MSc (2013-14)

Multitrophic interactions between a plant, herbivore and parasitoid. Currently works at the National Gallery of Denmark.

Publication from thesis: Rasmussen et al 2017, Ecological Entomology


Harper Adams University, UK, MSc (2014)

Helsinki, Intraspecific competition by the parasitoid wasp Hyposoter horticola.


University of Helsinki, MSc (2011- 13)

Heritability of traits associated with landscape structure in Plantago lanceolata (co-advised with Anna-Liisa Laine)


University of Helsinki, MSc student (2010-2012)

Variation in the response to drought in Plantago lanceolata. University of Helsinki


University of Helsinki, MSc (2010-12)

Habitat fragmentation and the performance of P. lanceolata and V. spicata. Co-advised with Anna-Liisa Laine), University of Helsinki

MSc intern from France (2012)

Helsinki, The role of group behavior on the relationship of the butterfly M. cinxia with the parasitoid H. horticola.


Habitat fragmentation and the germination of P. lanceolata and V. spicata (co-advised with Anna-Liisa laine)


University of Helsinki, MSc(2010-2011)

Host-parasitoid relationship in different Cotesia melitaearum and Melitaea cinxia populations around the Baltic Sea

Publication from her thesis: van Nouhuys, S., Niemikapee S., Hanski, I. 2012. Insects, 3: 1236-1256


University of Helsinki, MSc (05-08)

Plant, phytopathogen, parasitoid interaction. (co-advised with Anna-Liisa laine).


University of Helsinki, MSc (07)

Density dependent parasitism by the hyperparasitoid Mesochorus stigmaticus


University of Helsinki, MSc (2005-07)

Natural history of the butterfly Melitaea athalia and its parasitoids in Åland, Finland.

Publication from her thesis: Reudler Talsma, J., Torri, K. van Nouhuys, S. 2008. Arthropod-Plant Interactions, 2: 63-75


University of Helsinki, MSc (03-06)

Spatial foraging behavior of the parasitoid Hyposoter horticola. Currently a journalist for Suomen Lounto (Finnish Nature)

Publication from her thesis: van Nouhuys, S. Kaartinen, R. 2008. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 275: 377-385

MSc intern Paris, France (2002)

Helsinki, Experimental test of host avoidance of parasitism byHyposoter horticola. Currently works at the Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris


University of Helsinki, MSc (01-03)

Movement and oviposition behavior of an extremely mobile parasitoid wasp, Hyposoter horticola.

Publication from her thesis: van Nouhuys, S, Ehrnsten, J. 2004. Behavioral Ecology, 15: 661-665

MSc Jena, Germany (00-01)

Helsinki, Behavioral and developmental responses of a specialist parasitoid wasp to host larvae feeding on two host food plant species.

Currently works for National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, Germany


University of Helsinki, MSc (00-02)

Interspecific competition between immature parasitoid wasps within host larvae. Publication from her thesis: van Nouhuys, S. and Punju, E. 2010. Oikos, 119: 61-70

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