People I have supervised

Postdoctoral fellows

Dr. Suvarna Kahdakkar (2023-) Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangalore- Effects of habitat degradation on dung beetles in Sacred groves

Dr Prabitha Mohan (2023-) Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangalore- Parasitoid wasp competition and host range

Dr. Abhilash Nair (2013- 2016) Helsinki, Finland- Spatial population genetics of parasitoid wasps

Dr. Joanneke Reudler (2014-16) Helsinki & Kupio, Finland- Specificity of attraction by parasitoids to volatile chemicals emited by plants. (co-advised with Jarmo Holopainen)

Dr. Kristina Karlsson-Green (2012- 2014) Helsinki, Finland- Multitrophic interactions between a plant, phytopathogen, herbivore and a parasitoid (with A.-L. Laine, M. Saastamoinen)

Dr. Delia Pinto Zevallos (2012) Helsinki, Finland- Emissions of herbivore-induced volatile organic compounds in Plantago lanceolata and Veronica spicata

Dr. Marcela Castelo (2005) Helsinki/Argentina. Attraction of parasitoid wasps to herbivore infested host plants (co-supervise with Juan Corely)

PhD students

Shreya Gangwal (2023-) Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangalore

Anaswar P (2023-) Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangalore

Sonali (2022-) Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangalore

Pranoy MS (2022- ) Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangalore

Camila Beraldo (2020- ) Helsinki, Finland- Endsymbionts in changing communities. Co-supervised with Anne Duplouy

Wolfgang Reschka (studied 2012- 2017) Helsinki, Finland- Spatial foraging behavior of a parasitoid wasp

Christelle Couchoux Ph.D 09-14) Helsinki, Finland- Parasitoid forgaing in a competitive environment

Katie Montovan (Ph.D 08-13) Cornell University, USA- Cooperative behavior in bees, wasps and burglars (Subject supervisors: S. Strogatz & L. E. Jones, I was thesis supervisor)

Maaria Kankare (Ph.D 1999-04) Helsinki- Phylogeny and host associations of Cotesia parasitoids attacking checkerspot butterflies (Official supervisor: I. Hanski)

Ph.D student committees
Indian Institute of Science: Panav Balasubramanian, Jose Mathew (current)
Cornell University: Katie Sirianni (finished 2018), Tim Luttermoser (current) University of Helsinki: four PhD students, finished.

Masters students

Paper co-authorship indicated by *

Emma Hakanen (14-17) Helsinki-The influence of mating environment on the sex of parasitoid wasp offspring

Marina Granger-Brown (2014) Harper Adams University, UK (research in Finland)- Analysis of of antagonistic interactions between parasitoid wasps (co-advised with W. Reschka)

Pil Rasmussen* (13-14) Copenhagen University (research in Finland)- Parasitoid-plant-phytopathogen interactions

Aapo Ahola (11- 13) Helsinki- Heritability traits associated with landscape structure in Plantago lanceolata (Co-advised with A.-L. Laine)

Peter Kullberg (10-12) Helsinki- Habitat fragmentation and plant performance (Co-advised with A.-L. Laine)

Riikka Alanen (10-12) Helsinki- Habitat fragmentation and the performance of a wind and an insect pollinated plants (Co-advised with A.-L. Laine)

Suvi Pakarinen* (10-11) Helsinki- Host-parasitoid relationship in different C. melitaearum and M. cinxia populations around the Baltic Sea (MSc, co-advised with I. Hanski)

Markku Ojanen (05- 08) Helsinki – Multitrophic level interaction between a plant, pathogen, herbivore, and parasitoid (Co- advised with A.-L. Laine)

Anne Reichgelt (07) National University of Ireland (research at University of Helsinki)- Density dependent hyperparasitism due to aggregation of adult female hyperparasitoids (MSc)

Kaisa Torri *(05-07) Helsinki – Natural history of the marsh fritillary Melitaea athalia in Åland, Finland (MSc, Co-advised with I. Hanski)

Riikka Kaartinen* (03-06) Oulu, Finland – Within patch searching behavior of an extremely mobile parasitoid wasp, Hyposoter horticola (MSc, co-advise with S. Rytkönen)

Lucie Salvaudon (02) Paris, France (research at University of Helsinki) – Experimental test of host avoidance of parasitism by Hyposoter horticola

Johanna Ehrnsten* (01-03) Helsinki- Movement and oviposition behavior of an extremely mobile parasitoid wasp, Hyposoter horticola (MSc)

Christian Anton (00 – 01) Jena, Germany (research at University of Helsinki) – Behavioral and developmental responses of a specialist parasitoid wasp to host larvae on two host food plant species (MSc)

Eeva Punju* (00 – 02) Helsinki- Interspecific competition between immature parasitoid wasps within host larvae (MSc)


Some went on for MS degrees so are listed above instead.
Paper co-authorship indicated by *

Aditya Nayak (2022) IISER Mohali, India (Research at IISc): Finding parasitoids of Lepidoptera on Citrus, and a literature review of change in genome size associated with plant domestication.

Yann Bially (2017) France (research at University of Helsinki): Mechanisms of avoiding the pitfalls of haplodiploid sex determination in the parasitoid wasp Cotesia glomerata

David Muru (2012) France (research at University of Helsinki) The role of host group behavior in host-parasitoid interactions 

Tom S. Kraft* (08-10) Undergraduate Honours thesis at Cornell (research at University of Helsinki)- Indirect interaction between butterflies mediated by pupal parasitoids