People I have supervised

Postdoctoral fellows

Dr. Abhilash Nair (2013- 2018) Helsinki, Finland- Spatial population genetics of parasitoid wasps

Dr. Joanneke Reudler (2014-16) Helsinki & Kupio, Finland- Specificity of attraction by parasitoids to volatile chemicals emited by plants. (co-advised with Jarmo Holopainen)

Dr. Kristina Karlsson-Green (2012- 2014) Helsinki, Finland- Multitrophic interactions between a plant, phytopathogen, herbivore and a parasitoid (with A.-L. Laine, M. Saastamoinen)

Dr. Delia Pinto Zevallos (2012) Helsinki, Finland- Emissions of herbivore-induced volatile organic compounds in Plantago lanceolata and Veronica spicata

Marcela Castelo (2005) Helsinki/Argentina. Attraction of parasitoid wasps to herbivore infested host plants (co-supervise with Juan Corely)

PhD students

Pranoy MS (2022- ) Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangalore

Camila Beraldo (2020- ) Helsinki, Finland- Insect Symbiosis Ecology and Evolution
Co-supervised with Anne Duplouy

Wolfgang Reschka (studied 2012- 2017) Helsinki, Finland- Spatial foraging behavior of a parasitoid wasp

Christelle Couchoux Ph.D 09-13) Helsinki, Finland- Parasitoid forgaing in a competitive environment

Katie Montovan (Ph.D 08-13) Cornell University, USA- Cooperative behavior in bees, wasps and burglars (Subject supervisors: S. Strogatz & L. E. Jones, I was thesis supervisor)

Maaria Kankare (Ph.D 1999-04) Helsinki- Phylogeny and host associations of Cotesia parasitoids attacking checkerspot butterflies (supevisor: I. Hanski)

Ph.D student committees
Cornell University: Katie Sirianni (finished 2018), Tim Luttermoser (current) University of Helsinki: four PhD students
Indian Institute of Science: Panav Balasubramanian (current)

Past masters students/interns 

Paper co-authorship indicated by *

Yann Bially (2017) France (research in Finland) mechanisms of avoiding the pitfalls of haplodiploid sex determination in the parasitoid wasp Cotesia glomerata

Emma Hakanen (14-17) Helsinki-The influence of mating environment on the sex of parasitoid wasp offspring

Marina Granger-Brown (2014) Harper Adams University, UK (research in Finland)- Analysis of of antagonistic interactions between parasitoid wasps (co-advised with W. Reschka)

Pil Rasmussen* (13-14) Copenhagen University (research in Finland)- Parasitoid-plant-phytopathogen interactions

Aapo Ahola (11- 13) Helsinki- Heritability traits associated with landscape structure in Plantago lanceolata (Co-advised with A.-L. Laine)

Peter Kullberg (10-12) Helsinki- Habitat fragmentation and plant performance (Co-advised with A.-L. Laine)

Riikka Alanen (10-12) Helsinki- Habitat fragmentation and the performance of a wind and an insect pollinated plants (Co-advised with A.-L. Laine)

David Muru (2012) France (research in Finland) The role of host group behavior in host-parasitoid interactions 

Suvi Pakarinen* (10-11) Helsinki- Host-parasitoid relationship in different C. melitaearum and M. cinxia populations around the Baltic Sea (MSc, co-advised with I. Hanski)

Tom S. Kraft* (08-10) Undergraduate Honours thesis at Cornell (research in Finland)- Indirect interaction between butterflies mediated by pupal parasitoids

Markku Ojanen (05- 08) Helsinki – Multitrophic level interaction between a plant, pathogen, herbivore, and parasitoid (Co- advised with A.-L. Laine)

Anne Reichgelt (07) National University of Ireland (research in Finland)- Density dependent hyperparasitism due to aggregation of adult female hyperparasitoids (MSc)

Kaisa Torri *(05-07) Helsinki – Natural history of the marsh fritillary Melitaea athalia in Åland, Finland (MSc, Co-advised with I. Hanski)

Riikka Kaartinen* (03-06) Oulu, Finland – Within patch searching behavior of an extremely mobile parasitoid wasp, Hyposoter horticola (MSc, co-advise with S. Rytkönen)

Lucie Salvaudon (02) Paris, France (research in Finland) – Experimental test of host avoidance of parasitism by Hyposoter horticola

Johanna Ehrnsten* (01-03) Helsinki- Movement and oviposition behavior of an extremely mobile parasitoid wasp, Hyposoter horticola (MSc)

Christian Anton (00 – 01) Jena, Germany (research in Finland) – Behavioral and developmental responses of a specialist parasitoid wasp to host larvae on two host food plant species (MSc)

Eeva Punju* (00 – 02) Helsinki- Interspecific competition between immature parasitoid wasps within host larvae (MSc)