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PhD Scholars

Current PhD Scholars

Camila Beraldo

University of Helsinki (2020-)

Insect Symbiosis Ecology and Evolution Co-supervised with Anne Duplouy

Pranoy MS

Indian Institute of Science (2022-)

I am a biotechnology and biochemical engineering graduate with a passion for understanding biological systems and evolution. I will be working on poppy plants as a model system to understand the impacts of domestication on plant morphology and defensive chemistry during my doctoral studies under the guidance of Prof Saskya. I am also an aspiring and active entrepreneur dreaming of new and innovative solutions to solve challenging problems faced by humanity. you can write to me at : pranoys@iisc.ac.in


Indian Institute of Science (2022-)

A warm greeting to all of those who are reading this page. This is Sonali, enrolled in a Ph.D. program at the Centre of Ecological Sciences, this August. From a small town, Deoria to this premier institute, the journey is full of excitement but has also witnessed many restless nights. After completing my graduation from BRD PG College Deoria and obtaining my Master’s degree from BHU in plant science, I developed my interest in ecology, namely their adaptation and responses to current global climate conditions. It was fun to get messed up with such an entity that is supporting our life system. So primarily, my research would revolve around global changes and their impacts on plants. Meanwhile, I would also try to find a solution to the emerging challenges as to how plants will cope with these situations. As my supervisor Prof. Saskya is been working on the butterfly-parasitoid wasp community, it is exciting to be here in her lab.

Shreya Gangwal

Indian Institute of Science (2023-)

I am interested in studying species interactions and how these interactions are shaped over time and space. I will be working on host-parasitoid interactions in butterflies and their population dynamics for my PhD. During my MS thesis, I studied how adaptation to larval crowding affected locomotory behaviour in D. melanogaster adults. I am excited about working with Prof. Saskya and learning new things in the Population and Community Ecology Lab. Besides research, I am interested in reading, dancing and bird watching.

Anaswar P

Indian Institute of Science (2023-)

For me there is nothing more captivating than insects. I have always been curious about their ecology and behavior. My passion for insects has evolved from a childhood hobby of collecting them to an ambition of becoming an entomologist. Choosing Zoology for higher education helped me learn more about ecology and animal behaviour. Currently I have joined Prof. Saskya’s lab to delve into the complex world of Parasitoids and their interactions with host insects. My focus lies in the insect community ecology associated with Rutaceae plants, examining the impact of human activities on their community structure and dynamics. Beyond my scientific pursuits, I express my creativity as a shutterbug, an artist and indulge my passion for cinema as a movie enthusiast .

Past PhD scholars

PhD, University of Helsinki (2009-13)

Spatial foraging behavior of the parasitoid Hyposotor horticola, University of Helsinki.

PhD, University of Helsinki (2009-13)

Intraspecific competition in the foraging behaviour of the parasitoid Hyposoter horticola PhD thesis, University of Helsinki

PhD, Cornell University, Center for applied Math (2008-13)

Dissertation is titled Cooperative behavior in bees, wasps, and burglars. Now a faculty member in Math at Bennington College, USA

Phd, Nertherlands Institute of Ecology (2003-2007) (student of A. Biere & J. Harvey).

Costs and benefits of iridoids glycosides in multitrophic systems

Google Scholar page

University of Helsinki (1999-2004) (primary advisor I. Hanski)

Phylogeny and host associations of Cotesia parasitoids attacking checkerspot butterflies. University of Helsinki. Currently a PI at Jyväskylä University

Google Scholar page
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