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Undergraduates thesis students and interns

Current undergraduate thesis students and interns


Indian Institute of Science (May 2023-)

For his undergraduate thesis, Aniket is addressing the role of propagule size and frequency in species invasions, using simulation modeling.


College of Forestry, Ponnampet, Karnataka (2023-)

I am a final year BSc student. I am working as an intern on the project by Dr Suvarna Khadakkar. For my final year course work I am working on ‘Dung beetle diversity in Sacred Groves and Coffee plantations in Kodagu district of Karnataka.


Indian Institute of Science (2024-)

I am a Biology major pursuing Bachelor of Science (Research) at IISc, Bangalore. I am interested in Behavioural and community Ecology and want to explore the field. Currently, I am working on Dung Beetle Morphology and Diversity with Dr. Suvarna Khadakkar in the lab. I am also interested in astronomy and astrophotography.

Past undergraduate thesis students and interns (incomplete list)


Indian Institute of Sciences (2023)

I’m a second year-completed undergrad from IISc trying to find her place in the whole wide academic landscape. My interests align with the lab in population ecology as well as community-wide interactions, as I explore ecology better.

NITHINSAKTHI T, Thesis student

Indian Institute of Science, Undergrad senior thesis project (Jan -May 2023)

Literature survey of modeling foraging behavior of parasitoids under competition and where resources are ephemeral.

ADITYA NAYAK, Summer Intern

Indian Institute of Science, undergraduate intern (Summer 2022)

BS-MS student from IISER Mohali. Aditya worked on finding parasitoids of Lepidoptera on Citrus, and did a literature review of change in genome size assoiated with plant domestication.

DR. TOM S. KRAFT Undergraduate thesis student (08-10)

Helsinki, Indirect interaction between butterflies mediated by pupal parasitoids Publications from his thesis:

Kraft & van Nouhuys 2013, Ecological Entomology

van Nouhuys & Kraft, 2012, Population Ecology

Currently a postdoc at UCSB

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